Vijariego 2021

Vijariego 2021



Exotic white wine, with an accentuated Atlantic character. The grapes used to produce this wine are Diego, as it is known in Lanzarote, also known as “Bujariego” or “Vijiriego”. A late varietal, cultivated in the coolest regions of Lanzarote, Juan Bello and Tisalaya, of high acidity and with good bottle aging potential. In the cellar it is a difficult wine to produce due to its scarce yield and the viscosity of the must. However, we are able to achieve a very personal wine with high added value.


Emilio de Rojas Clemente, in 1807, wrote about the common varieties of grape-vines grown in Andalucía, that “Vigiriego” (synonym for Vijariego) appears as one of the most commonly grown varieties in Andalucía. A short time later, in 1870, the phylloxera disease arrived in Spain, with only a few plants left surviving and relegated to the Alpujarra region of Granada. Today the best example of this variety is found in the Canary Islands, and within the Canary Islands the best example being Lanzarote. This wine is presented as a firm investment in the recuperation of ancestral varieties which are in danger of disappearing.


  • Colour: Pale bright yellow with greenish undertones.
  • Bouquet: A wine with particular spiced and mustard aromas, and floral undertones. Noticeable varietal character.
  • Palette: Silky, fresh and balanced, a certain sense of creaminess on the palette contributing to its personality and duration. 



Alcoholic degree: 13%Vol.

Residual Sugars: <1g/L

Total tartaric acidity: 6g/L

Total Sulfur: 79mg/L


  • 2016. Mondial Des Vins Extremes-CERVIM. Plata
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