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Our guides will help you discover our current winery, known for having the most diverse range of wines in Lanzarote, some of which have been awarded internationally and nationally for their excellence. You will be able to taste some of these at the end of your visit at our Wine Bar.

After a guided tour of our vineyards, you can visit the Wine Museum and discover our original winery on your own.

Please, read Info COVID19, down.

Duration of visit: 40 minutes
monday 11:00 SPA 16:00 ENG  
tuesday 11:00 ENG 12:00 DEU 16:00 SPA
wednesday 11:00 FRA 12:00 SPA 16:00 ENG
thursday 11:00 ENG 16:00 SPA  
friday 11:00 SPA 16:00 DEU  
saturday 11:00 SPA 16:00 ENG  
sunday 11:00 SPA 12:00 ENG 16:00 FRA
Price from: €35.00
Total: €35.00

What to expect from this guided visit

Guided tour of our Winery

Join us to discover our current bodega. We will take a tour through its interior showing you the process we follow to this day to make our wines, from the moment the grapes enter the winery until the end of its process.

Guided visit to our Vineyards

We will give you a tour of our unique vineyard where you can see hundred-year-old vines. We will explain everything about our heroic viticulture and how we make wine in an authentic and ecological way. At the end, we will give a presentation on the grape varieties we work with in our winery and the different wines we make.

Access to our Wine Museum

The Wine Museum houses the old winery from 1775, which is the oldest winery in the Canary Islands. This visit option does not include a guided tour of the museum, but you will have the opportunity to access it on your own. Explore its interior to discover the tools and utensils used in the 19th and 20th centuries and how wine was made during its operation until the 1990s.

Wine tasting at El Grifo Wine Bar

This guided tour will come to an end with a tasting of some of our best wines that give us the prestige that characterizes us today.

You will be able to taste our Malvasía, a pre-phylloxera variety unique to Lanzarote, where we find notes of a volcanic minerality, as distinct as it is delicious. 

COVID19 information for visits and access to the Museum, Wine Bar and Store

The requirements to access the Museum, Wine Bar and El Grifo Store may vary depending on the "traffic light" (alert level by Covid19) indicated by the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands for the island of Lanzarote, which can be consulted in your Web.

In the event that at the time of the visit the "traffic light" was at alert level 3 or 4, the requirements to access El Grifo for people over 12 years old would be:

  1. Accreditation of the negative result of a diagnostic test for active COVID-19 infection, carried out in a legally authorized laboratory with a maximum notice of 48 hours, being self-diagnostic tests not admissible.
  2. Voluntary vaccination accreditation, showing an official certificate of having received the complete vaccination schedule in accordance with the provisions of the vaccination strategy against COVID-19 in Spain, starting 14 days after the date of administration of the last dose of the complete vaccination regimen.
  3. Voluntary accreditation of having passed the illness between the previous 11 and 180 days, through the exhibition of an official certificate.

Accreditation will be carried out by displaying any of the planned certificates, digitally or on paper, to the persons designated for access control by the person who owns or is responsible for the establishment, facility or activity, who will carry out their verification.

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