Malvasía Canari 50 cl

Malvasía Canari 50 cl

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This sweet, mature wine is our version of the renowned 17th-century Canary Island wines that were exported to England. The production process consists of combining three batches from the 1956, 1970 and 1997 vintages. These wines were originally made by drying Volcanic Malvasia bunches in the sun (once cut, the grapes were placed on mats for several days) to increase their sugar content through partial dehydration.

The fermentation was interrupted by adding wine alcohol when their residual sugar reached 90 g/L. The vintages then underwent extensive oxidative ageing. The finished product is sold in 50-cl bottles.


  • Colour: Amber with lovely orange hues, clear and brilliant.

  • Aroma: Rich and powerful, with hints of dried fruits and nuts, liquorice, orange peel and orange blossom. Complex and very persistent.

  • Mouth: Embracing, fresh, graceful and easy to drink, with a round warmth thanks to its slight sweetness. Balanced and full bodied due to its acidity. 


Alcohol content: 17%
Residual sugar: 90 g/L
Total tartaric acid: 6.5 g/L
pH: 3.4


  • 2021. Vinistra (Croatia). Grand Gold medal

  • 2021. Mundus Vini. Gold medal.

  • 2020. Concours Mondial Bruxelles. Silver medal.

  • 2020. Mondial des Vins Extrêmes-CERVIM. Grand Gold Medal

  • 2018. Vinalies (Paris). Gold medal.

  • 2018. Berliner Wein Trophy. Gold medal.

  • 2017. Vinistra (Croatia). Gold medal.

  • 2016. Vinistra (Croatia). Gold medal.

  • 2015. Vinalies (Paris). Silver medal.

  • 2015. Mundus Vini (Berlin). Silver medal.

  • 2015. Berliner Wein Trophy. Gold medal.

  • 2014. Vinistra (Croatia). Gold medal.

  • 2013. Cervim (Italy). Gold medal.

  • 2013. Zarcillo (Valladolid)

  • 2013. Vinistra (Croatia). Gold medal.

  • 2012. Berliner Wein Trophy. Silver medal.

  • 2012. Vinalies (Paris). Silver medal.

  • 2011. Vinistra (Croatia). Gold medal.

  • 2011. Citadelles du Vin (Paris). Prestige.

  • 2011. Mundus Vini. Silver medal.

  • 2009. The World of Malvasia (Croatia). Silver medal.

  • 2007. International Wine and Spirits Competition.

  • 2006. Bacchus. Gold medal.

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