Malvasía Canari 50 cl

Malvasía Canari 50 cl

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El Grifo, Canari

Sweet white wine made from  Malvasía Volcánica grapes. After carrying out an oxidative ageing process of up to 65 years, the best vintages are blended to create a truly unique wine. Limited production of 823 bottles. 


This sweet, aged wine is our version of the famous Canari wines that were exported to England in the 17th century. To make it, we blended three batches from the 1956, 1970 and 1997 vintages. These were originally made by drying the bunches of Malvasía Volcánica grapes in the sun (the bunches were placed on mats for several days) to increase their sugar content through partial dehydration of the grapes.

After drying in the sun, the grapes were pressed, yielding only about 30%. Alcoholic fermentation was started using our own yeast. Fermentation of these wines was arrested through the addition of wine alcohol once the residual sugar had reached about 70 g/L. Afterwards, the different vintages underwent a lengthy oxidative ageing process in 500-litre  oak barrels.


Colour: Amber, clear and bright. 

Aroma: Complex and powerful, with notes of ripe fruit, apricots, candied fruit, dried nuts and iodine due to the oxidative ageing process. Slightly reminiscent of mushroom and truffle.

Taste: Fresh, silky, pleasant in the mouth, with an acidity that makes it well-balanced and with a good body. 


ABV   17%
 Residual Sugar   70 g/L
Total Acidity   6.56 g/L
pH   3.36
Total SO2   50 mg/L


  • 2022. Decanter World Wine Awards. Oro
  • 2022. Bacchus (Madrid). Gran Oro
  • 2022. Vinistra (Croacia) Oro.
  • 2021. Vinistra (Croacia). Gran Oro
  • 2021. Mundus Vini. Oro
  • 2020. Concours Mondial Bruxelles. Plata.
  • 2020. Mondial des Vins Extrêmes-CERVIM. Gran Oro
  • 2018. Vinalies (París). Oro
  • 2018. Berliner Wein Trophy. Oro
  • 2017. Vinistra (Croacia). Oro
  • 2016. Vinistra (Croacia). Oro
  • 2015.Vinallies (París). Plata
  • 2015.Mundus VIini (Berlín). Plata
  • 2015 Berliner Wein Trophy. Oro
  • 2014. Vinistra (Croacia). Oro
  • 2013 Cervim (Italia). Oro
  • 2013 Zarcillo (Valladolid)
  • 2013 Vinistra (Croacia). Oro
  • 2012. Berliner Wein Trophy. Plata
  • 2012. Vinalies (París) Plata
  • 2011. Vinistra (Croacia). Oro.
  • 2011. Citadelles du Vin (París). Prestige.
  • 2011. Mundus Vini. Plata.
  • 2009. Concurso Mundial de Malvasías (Croacia). Plata.
  • 2007. International Wine and Spirits Competition.
  • 2006. Premios Bacchus. Oro.
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