Malvasía Lías 2021

Malvasía Lías 2021


White wine sur lie made from 100% Malvasía Volcánica, 2021 vintage. The grapes came from several choice plots in Tinajo. We’ve been making this age-worthy wine since 2010 because this vintage showcases the varietal characteristics of the Malvasía grape best. It’s one of the wines from our Colección range that has won the most awards in international competitions. 13,296 bottles were made from this vintage.


The grapes came from four winegrowers in Tinajo and were harvested on 22 July 2021. The grapes were hand harvested into 18-20 kg crates, where they were kept in cold storage until the next day. They were then pressed without destemming. After 24 hours of static settling, we used our own yeast to start fermenting the must.

Once fermentation came to an end, 30% of the batch was placed in 500-litre French oak barrels, while the rest of the batch was placed in tanks. The lees were kept in suspension for seven months. Battonage was done by hand in the barrels.

A coupage from both vintages was made. Afterwards, it was clarified and bottled on 24 March 2022 to continue ageing in the bottle for approximately 8-12 months more before being released onto the market.


Colour: Straw yellow, with light golden hues. Clear and bright.

Aroma: Medium-high intensity of a wine in evolution. Fresh, citrus (orange peel) and tropical (passion fruit and mango) fruits. Flowers (orange blossom, jasmine, violets), fennel, and complex aromas such as silex or flint (phosphorus). Yeast autolysis is reminiscent of the aromas of baked goods and yeast. Bottle ageing brings out hints of dried fruits, honey and caramel.

Taste: Full-bodied, with a lengthy and unctuous texture, very strong natural acidity, citrus freshness, mineral notes and saltiness. Persistent finish.


ABV   13%
Residual Sugar   0.5 g/L
Total Acidity   6.02 g/L
pH   3.36
Total SO2   91 mg/L


2021. Mondial Des Vins Extrêmes-CERVIM (Italy). Gold.
2021. Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. Gold.
2021. Berliner Wein Trophy (Berlin). Gold.
2020. Concours Mondial de Bruxelles. Silver.
2020. Mondial Des Vins Extrêmes-CERVIM (Italy). Gold.
2020. Berliner Wein Trophy (Berlin). Gold.
2019. Mondial Des Vins Extrêmes-CERVIM (Italy). Gold.
2019. Berliner Wein Trophy (Berlin). Gold.
2019. Vinalies Internationales (France). Silver.
2019. Bacchus (Madrid). Silver.
2019. Vinistra (The World of Malvasía). Silver.
2019. Citadelles du Vin (France). Silver.
2018. Citadelles du Vin (France). Gold.
2017. Vinistra (Croatia). Gold.
2017. Mundus Vini (Berlin). Silver.
2016. Vinistra (The World of Malvasía). Gold.
2016. Mundus Vini (Berlin). Silver.
2016. Bacchus (Madrid). Silver.
2015. Vinistra (The World of Malvasía). Gold.
2015. Bacchus (Madrid). Gold.
2014. Les Citadelles du Vin (Bordeaux). Gold.
2014. Vinistra (The World of Malvasía). Silver.
2014. Monde Selection (Brussels). Silver.
2014. Vinalies Internationales. Silver.
2014. Mundus Vini (Berlin). Silver.
2014. Bacchus (Madrid). Silver.
2013. Zarcillo (Valladolid). Silver.
2013. Citadelles du Vin. Silver.
2013. Concours Mondial de Bruxelles (Bratislava). Silver.
2013. Vinistra (The World of Malvasía). Gold.
2013. Monde Selection. (Brussels). Silver.
2012. Bacchus (Madrid). Gold.
2012. Challenge International du Vin (Bourg-Bordeaux). Bronze.

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