At the end of the XX century, we abandoned the idea of making needed reforms to the old bodega, in order to preserve it unaltered and predesignate it as a museum.

These are the current installations carried out in the current XXI century, next to the old bodega:

  • Cooling chambers for bunches of grapes
  • Press
  • Bodegas for the fermentation and maintenance of the wine.
  • Space for Reds
  • Work room (filtering, micro-oxygenating and inerting systems, temperature control…)
  • Sparkling wine chambers.
  • Laboratory.
  • Bottling room and storage room.
  • Cask room.
  • Grape receiving installations, personnel installations, tool room, workshop, offices, water purifier…



Being that the different varieties ripen at different rhythms according to their location and orientation, and that each variety has its own distinct ripening cycle, we must make great effort to determine the exact date for harvest (according to the zone and variety), so that the batches are as homogeneous as possible.

In our research it can be observed that majority of our studies are directed at dealing with this aspect.


Our fermentation processes are supported exclusively by physical procedures; we use oxygen, carbonic maceration, gravity, cold and heat to conduct the fermenting and ageing of our wines.

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