En un amplio reportaje presidido por la etiqueta del vino Semidulce, que elaboró para nosotros el recientemente fallecido César Manrique, se dice entre otras cosas:


El Grifo, the Lanzarote vineyard, won a mahor prize in an Italian wine competition which took place last October. The judges awarded the Diploma of Honour and Gold Medal of the 11th Annual Milan International Wine Contest to the 1991 Malvasia Semi dulce. This is the third time El Grifo has won an award at this prestigious event. In 1984 an 1986 the Seco an Semi respectively won prizes.


To allow the public better access to the vineyard a new entrance an visiting area has been built to the design of the late Cesar Manrique who has also created a sculpture of the mythical griffin –which tanslates in Spanish as grifo, as well as designing the labels on the vineyard’s wine bottles.