It has been the winner during a blind tasting against other Spanish labels marketed in the United Kingdom

On the island of Lanzarote, for 240 years EL GRIFO ( has been writing a great story. Its wines share special moments, in the Canary Islands, on the Peninsula and in the international market, for example, the United Kingdom. In London, the 100 winning wines of the seventh edition of The Wines from Spain Awards 2019, and the 2018 series of EL GRIFO Dry Collection has been included among them.

This is an event promoted by ICEX Spain Exports and Investments with the aim of spreading the variety and quality of Spanish wines among British consumers. The jury, made up of experts in the field, including Masters of Wine such as Tim Atkin, Peter McCombie, Richard Hemming and Victoria Burt, among others, blindly tasted various references and considered this label from the oldest winery in the Canary Islands as the best white wine.

In ‘the vineyard of the impossible’

Where trade winds blow continuously and mechanization is not possible, tenacity is imposed. Malvasia Dry Collection 2018 is a great example of this perseverance. It is a 100% Volcanic Malvasia, exclusive variety of the island, also the most widespread, and pre-phylloxera.
Phylloxera, which was produced in the last third of Europe, did not reach the Canary Islands. Its absence allows the vines to be planted on foot, without the need for rootstocks, as was always the case.

Harvested by hand at the end of July, more than 300 winegrowers take part in its elaboration. Because the grapes are carefully selected on the EL GRIFO land, but also in more than 1,500 micro plots. After a cold must decantation, fermentation begins at around 16ºC to remain on its lees and preserve the fruit, enhance its varietal specificity and endow it with complexity.
It is pale yellow colour in its youth, with greenish iridescence, very clean and brilliant. By smell, the wine is dominated by the varietal character of the grape with floral aromas such as orange blossom or jasmine, which evolves towards stone fruit notes such as apricot or peach. Complex, fresh, lively but at the same time harmonious, with volume and a broad finish. This is how it behaves in the mouth. It is perfect as an aperitif and also as an accompaniment to fish and seafood.
Year after year, it is one of the greatest whites of the Canary Islands and reflects the winemaking tradition of Lanzarote and the ash-covered volcanic terrain that forms the landscape of La Geria. Among the prizes it has deserved, in 2018, the silver medals in the World Contest in Brussels and in Bacchus stand out.

About the oldest wine cellar in The Canary Islands

Founded in 1775, EL GRIFO treasures tradition, mastery and everything that only the passage of time leaves behind. Because it is the oldest winery in the Canary Islands and one of the ten in Spain.

It has belonged to three families. First to the Ribera family, then to the De Castro family and, since 1880, to the current family, descendant of Manuel García Durán. Each reference, without a doubt, expresses the inheritance of the volcano. Thus, the wines haven´t only reached the recognition in Lanzarote, but also in the peninsula and internationally.

In addition, its museum and wine bar, with its gastronomic offer and shop, are a destination for wine tourism lovers. From the cultural point of view, it treasures great jewels in the museum and in the library, which houses 5,000 titles on wine.