El diario británico (2/IV/1994), dedica un amplio reportaje de viajes titulado Land of vineyards and volcanoes. Lanzarote: Sun, scenery and distinctive local wines … what more could Tony Patrick wish for?. Dice entre otras cosas:

The two best of these. El Grifo and Mozaga, offer a contrast in approach which produces very different but equally appealing wines, El Grifo (open Mon-Fri 9am-6pm) has been the property of the same family since the late 18th century. The original bodega, the oldest on the island, is being converted into a museum of local wine making, displaying antique equipment. The present wine maker, José Ignacio Valdera, believes i selling his Malvasia dry and semi-dry wines young. He uses stainless steel tanks and low temperature fermentation (below 18ºC), and bottles the wine within two or three months to produce pale, straw-coloured wine with a very modern character. These two wines make up 60 per cent of his annual output of more than 600.000 bottles and sell for between 400 and 500 pesetas at the bodega.